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Special School Enrollment Letter from Pastor Trevor

Recent Island Christian School Update...


Parents, Friends, and Neighbors,


Recognizing the significant challenge for the community to help Island Christian School meet its goal of 145 students, raise $400,000 or a combination of the two by March 1st, the deadline has been moved to April 1st. We would like the community to know that we have heard and care about their voice. Our team has formulated a plan that will maximize efforts of enrollment and designated funds. From now on, every penny that would be considered a gift, designated funds or a donation will be seen as sponsoring a student. With that being said, we want people to know that their money is being used to sponsor new, local students, not just funding a budget deficit. Imagine how awesome it would be to hear a radio advertisement that ICS has 50+ sponsorships for new, local students. As we move forward, our goal remains to have a Pre-K – 12th grade model. If we get close to April 1st and only a 6th or an 8th grade model is viable, we will then proceed accordingly. If we do not increase enrollment or receive sponsorships for enough students to fund any portion of the school into the 2019/20 school year, we will see it as God moving us in a different direction of ministering to the youth of this community. No matter what, all sponsorships, funds and registrations will be fully refunded if there is no school or corresponding grade level (registration fee). If you are considering Island Christian School for your child, please visit or call 305-664-4933. If you are interested in sponsoring a student or a teacher or helping at any level, please contact Danielle Davis at

Trevor Mann
Senior Pastor
Island Community Church