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How can I be sure of eternal life and a personal relationship with God?


ADMIT that you are not perfect.  The Bible calls this sin, and since sin would pollute Heaven, it cannot be allowed in.  (Romans 3:3, Romans 6:23) 


RECOGNIZE that God lovesyou in spite of your sin.  In fact, He loves you so much that he sent His only Son to pay for all your sin, dying in your place (John 3:16, Romans 5:8) 


ACCEPT that there is nothing you could ever do that could make you good enough to enter Heaven.  (Ephesians 2:8-9) 


TRANSFER your trust from yourself to Jesus as your only hope for Heaven.  (John 3:36) 


BELIEVE and trust taht Jesus paid in full the bill that was owed to restore you to a proper relationship with your Heavenly Father.  (Romans 4:5)


Provide quality Christian Education... to the families of the Florida Keys;... educating: mind, body and spirit;... while developing a closer relationship... with Jesus Christ.

The statement was authored in 1991 as part of a self-study while preparing for accreditation. The components of the statement come from hearing our founding principal speak in parent meetings, staff meetings, and personal conversations. We believe, it reflects the heart and historical culture of Island Christian. Island Christian School was founded in 1974 out of the convictions of the ministry of Island Community Church. During the past 35 years ICS has been committed to the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of our Upper Keys community.

Our mission came about from convictions developed during the early years of the school. Each word contained in it has a meaning and a tradition of who we are.

There are three primary parts:

1. Provide quality Christian education to the families...

    The quality ICS is seeking is expressed in our organizational goals and objectives.
Christian education:
    Our world view is based on the revealed God of the Bible who created for His purpose all things and has redeemed us and creation through His son Jesus Christ. We are not a Bible school but a school of high academic standards founded upon Biblical principles which are the basis upon which we strive for and require excellence.
    We believe in the family as ordained by God and seek to be an extension of the home. We co-labor with the parents in their responsibility to train their children.

2 … educating mind, body, and spirit ...

Man is created by God with three parts: a body, soul, and spirit. True education must address each of these areas. Each is important but no one should be emphasized to the detriment of the other. Nor can an education be complete if one area is neglected as is mandated by law in our public system. Only from a Biblical perspective can a child’s spirit be educated from the moral law of God’s word.

3 ... developing a closer relationship to Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to intentionally introduce the person of Jesus Christ to each student and directly or indirectly to each family. This begins, of course, with the realization that there is a personal God to whom we are responsible and He has been revealed through His son Jesus. Jesus, fully man and at the same time fully God, loved us and gave Himself to be our redemption. It is our desire that upon acceptance of Christ’s payment for sin a student will choose to live a life that honors God.


Island Christian School

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