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ICC Assistance Fund



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If you are giving in honor of Paul Kaub, please make a note in the PayPal comments.


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ICC Assistance Fund Application
  • ICC Assistance Fund-

    Please read over this information carefully before you submit an application. Thanks!

    We are happy to offer the ICC Assistance Fund to provide short-term emergency assistance grants to members of ICC to help with basic immediate living expenses due to the sudden loss of income.  It is meant as a backstop to bridge people in the very short-term until other assistance programs kick in.  

    Things this fund is NOT meant to cover:

    -  Rent, mortgage, utilities, credit card bills, etc.  There will be other community, charitable and governmental programs to address these situations.

    -  "I am scared to death and would feel better if I had another $200 in my checking account to make sure I have enough to get through the next month"

    -  "I live in the Keys and need help although I don't go to your church"  We don't have a lot of money and this is not meant to replace the community or government safety net.  We will restrict this to members of our congregation and long term attenders but who are not formal members. 

    What the fund is meant to address are situations like these:

    - "I have a $90 co-pay for my meds this week and after paying all my bills, I don't have it.  I will start the meds again after I am working again or get my government checks"  We don't want anyone not to get medications because they can't afford the co-pays

    -  "I am putting off going to the doctor or urgent care because I can't afford the $120 co-pay for the visit this week"  

    -  "I have run out of money and credit for now, I can only spend $50 next week at Publix for me and my son for food"

    - "My car battery just died and I don't have the money to replace it"

    -  "The A/C in my house just died. I can't afford to have a professional come out and look at it"

    Please complete the application and then the ICC Assistance Fund committee will review each request within 24 hours of receipt and if approved, will immediately grant the funds.  

  • Have you applied or will you apply soon for some other emergency financial assistance from a governmental or charitable organization?