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A Mind to Work

A Mind to Work Capital Campaign

By God's great grace, Island Community Church was established in 1968.  What God has done is amazing in the almost 50 years of worship, community life, and outreach locally, regionally, and internationally.  We have seen God do amazing things in and through this church.  None of which would have been possible without prayer, faith, and sacrificial commitment.  
Once again, we are ready to make a bold move forward together in our “A Mind to Work” capital campaign as we strive together to be debt free in three years.  Today, our leftover debt of $1.1 million from the Family Life Center project that has become a limiting obstacle and is placing a drain on our ministry and our mission.  It is limiting growth and the things that need to be accomplished for God. Mortgage payments of $55,000 each year keep us in bondage to that debt. Believing God has given us a challenge to eradicate this debt and move forward in our mission of “BUILDING A CHRIST-CENTERED COMMUNITY COMMITTED TO THE FULFILLMENT OF THE GREAT COMMANDMENT AND THE GREAT COMMISSION.”
The purpose of this project is deeply spiritual and is only appropriate that we seek to raise the funds necessary to finance the project in a deeply spiritual way.  For this reason, we’re beginning a capital campaign that will be much more of a spiritual journey than a classic fundraiser.   The whole campaign can be summarized as inviting every member of the church to pray a simple prayer on a daily basis:
     “Dear Lord, what would you do through me to accomplish your vision in our church?” and more particularly, “Help me discern a sacrifice for our campaign that is meaningful and joyful.”
Friends, no one is going to tell you what you should give to this campaign.  Rather, we’re inviting you to discover through prayer what you may give. We do not want anyone’s decision to be influenced by guilt, pressure, or manipulation.  We want it to be all about privilege, joy and gratitude.  One of the key principals of our campaign is to involve as many members as possible in the campaign.


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